How to make watercolour journal with discs, puncher and scissors

I was watching several art/craft YouTubers using this disc bound watercolour journal in various sizes. I was curious and I really wanted one. I was tired of metal rings or any way to put the pieces together. So I investigated the links to the product and they were paying 9-15 dollars for a disc bound watercolour little journal? I couldn’t justify getting one, so I went to Michaels and wanted to see how much it may cost to make one.

I have several watercolour papers in my stash, so I was covered there. I wanted The Happy Planner punch. Then I saw the price tag, and almost $60.00 Canadian for it? Why? Not even a coupon cann be enough to lower the price. Then I saw a pack of The Happy Planner mini discs. It was $7.99 and I had 50% coupon. Perfect. So I got it. I went on the YouTubes to see how to make hole punches without the Happy Planner punch, and it was easy as 1, 2, 3! Just a single hole puncher that I got from the dollar store and scissors. Done! Watch my video tutorial how I created this. Very easy and cheap!

Video Tutorial


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