DIY – Traveler’s Journal with Leatherette Cover

Hi guys, long time no post. I have not been making videos, but I am dabbing more in to the Traveler’s Journal world. So, I decided to make a small one using this Leatherette Sticker that I purchased a while back from Dollar Tree. I used up some of my Jane Davenport collage paper. I know there are over a 100 tutorials on YouTube how to make your own plus inserts. I just took some pics instead of the general steps I did and the result. I hope you like it!

Instagram Flipthrough

The Journal Creation Steps

Step 1: I used the Leatherette Crop-It Sticker, a Jane Davenport stock paper, and Collage Medium.

Step 2: add a layer of Collage Medium on the stock image to give it a plasticky protected layer.

Step 3: cut to size of Leatherette.

Step 4: poke holes for inserts in the middle top and bottom.

Step 5: poke holein the right side middle to create a band to close the journal.

Step 6: use an elastic thread, needle and charm.

Step 7: thread the elastic thread for the inserts and closing journal thread.

Step 8: add the charm to the top front before you finish tieing the thread.

Step 9: round the edges with a paper corner. I was amazed it did too!

The Inserts

Step 1: use copy paper, Jane Davenport collage papers, and a paper cutter.

Step 2: cut to size needed and use a bone folder to crease the papers in half.

Step 3: round the edges and staple in the middle of the inserts.

Step 4: add the inserts to the journal. It fit 4 comfortably.

Step 5: a completed journal with a smooth Leatherette cover.

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