DIY Marker Storage Box

I bought wooden craft boxes from Dollarama.  I painted them white with acrylic paint that I also bought from there. Each box was two dollars and I bought 6 of them and the paint for a total of $13.00. I glued them together with the hot glue gun.  It is much better than the styrofoam boxes like I had before.

1. The wooden craft boxes I bought from Dollarama for $2.00 each.

2. Paint each box with white acrylic DecoArt paint that I bought for $1.00. I ended up using almost 2/3 of the bottle.

3. Painted all the boxes white.

4. Close up of the box.

5. All the boxes next to each other before I glued them.

6. Using the hot glue gun.

7. Transfereing my markers from the styrofoam box I made a few months ago that kept breaking on the side and back.

8. The markers and watercolours in the boxes.

9. In place. What do you think? I love it!

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