I love it when I get craft stuff online.  Although I go to Michaels a lot, but the prices are not so great and I always compare it with Amazon. So here is what I got: [...]


Although I had only a 40% off one regular item today from Michaels, I used it on the big clear stamp from Recollections, and the rest of the items were on sale or super cheap.  I was in need for Golden Matte Medium because I am running out, but I rather wait for 50-55% off coupon for that. Remember these prices are in Canadian Dollars. Definetly not like the prices of Michaels in the States.  Also, we really don’t have that many craft stores. Maybe Walmart? But they don’t have a good selection. I really rely on Dollar stores and Michaels.  Sometimes Amazon.ca, but they are not cheap either. [...]


I caved in and I took pictures of the stuff that came today that I ordered from Amazon last week.  I really wanted to try embossing and I didn’t have a heat tool. Also, I wanted many embossing colours because one or two colours is not enough, and Michaels doesn’t really have everything that I need. I really didn’t want to shop from Amazon but I had no choice. I wonder how good of a quality it is. [...]


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