Art Journal Album for January 2018. I used HP Sprocket Bluetooth printer for the images with sticker backing. I laminated the cover and I used scrapbook paper and drew a bit. There are still empty spots that I may add to, but I think it’s complete now and looking great!


I made this canvas collage from a small balloon sticker on my desk.  I wanted to recreate it with a canvas and used the technique of using scrapbook strips for the background.  The rest of the material is just yarn to look like rope and rhinestone.  It’s a time-consuming project with all the cutting and waiting for the glue to dry. [...]


When you are down or having a lazy nonproductive day, it’s best to just draw and colour.  Since I love watercolours and it’s my preferred medium with one of the least amount of cleanups, I choose it and I think the drawing of the mermaid turned out great. Watercolours result in amazing shading with the least amount of effort. [...]


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