Watercolor Art: trying Jane Davenport petite pallet – brights

Watercolor Art: trying Jane Davenport petite pallet – brights

I bought the Jane Davenport Watercolor petite pallet – brightsJD MM  Petite Palette Watercolors – Brights yesterday from Michaels with a 55% coupon, because I wanted to use good quality watercolors and I was amazing.  My first impression was wow! They are pigmented.  I havbe a lot of water color. I used Artist’s Loft 12 x 9 in pad and cut it in four pieces.  I like to draw on small pieces of paper because I can concentrate my creativity on one thing only.   For the sketching, I used Micron 0.1 black pen and Uniball White Gel Pen. I hope you like them! What you favorite one?

Watercolor – Tree


Watercolor – Cat


Watercolor – Tea Cup


Watercolor – Rose


Watercolor – All




2 thoughts on “Watercolor Art: trying Jane Davenport petite pallet – brights”

  • Such a nice job Mona! LOVE the cat because she is so happy and colorful and puts a smile on my face! I looked at the tree before I read it was a tree…which I see now…..and thought…..is that a hand with broken finger tips! This past week I hurt my big toe really bad, so guess that was on my mind~ LOL But they all look good~

  • Well it looks like a hand too but I intended it to be a tree 🌲 but a rough sketch of a tree. I wanted branches and leaves but dunno 🤷‍♀️… next time!!

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