I will say this with great enthusiasm, I LOVE gouache watercolour paint.  I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos of artists using them, and what struck me that one YouTuber said they dried out matte and can very reactivate with water, which was way better than Acrylic paints that I am not too fond of.  So I used 55% off coupon at Michaels and got the Reeves brand to try them out.  I was a bit wary because they looked like Acrylics paints, but then after trying them out and using little or no water has made me amazed. [...]


I bought the Jane Davenport Watercolor petite pallet – brights yesterday from Michaels with a 55% coupon, because I wanted to use good quality watercolors and I was amazing.  My first impression was wow! They are pigmented.  I havbe a lot of water color. I used Artist’s Loft 12 x 9 in pad and cut it in four pieces.  I like to draw on small pieces of paper because I can concentrate my creativity on one thing only.   For the sketching, I used Micron 0.1 black pen and Uniball White Gel Pen. I hope you like them! What you favorite one? [...]