This year I want to try Bullet Journaling that has mostly drawings and pictures.  I started off easy and made a quote page with watercolours that I want to glue on the first page of my journal.  I still have not quite figured out the setup, but the first of the year is a good time to start.  I will keep watching so many YouTubers that are really good at journaling and learn from them!  Obviously, I will still have my art, but I been busy and sick with a cold that I didn’t have time to make new artwork/videos the past week or so.  I will try to get back into the swing of things this week! [...]


Another watercolour drawing!  I used Winsor & Newton watercolour 12 colors pack.  I first used light pencil drawing with a mechanical pencil because it seems better while erasing. After I finished colouring which was very relaxing, I use white highlights all over to complete the drawing.  I love how watercolours flow nicely and give amazing shades.  The effect is magical. [...]