How to make a Traveller’s Journal & Giveaway!

I have made a bunch of laminated notebooks and traveller journals the past two weeks. However, the ones in the video are only in this Giveaway. So, watch my video, like it, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and comment below the video on YouTube. There will be 2 winners because I made two traveller journals. The contest is open to everyone in the world. I will send you a message on YouTube if you are the winner to ask for your mailing address. I will randomly pick a winner from the YouTube comments.  However, the contest will close when I reach 150 subscribers on my YouTube channel.  Every time I reach a milestone, I will have a giveaway for notebooks or travellers journals I made.

I wanted to sell them on Etsy, but I was like nah.  I really like crafting as a hobby. I am a computer programmer by day and I just want to have fun creating videos and sharing tutorials of crafts.  I am learning as much as you guys. Plus crafting is a type of therapy and an excuse to buy cute stuff to make!

YouTube Video Link


Video Tutorial