DIY Mini Book Albums from 12″ x 12″ Scrapbook Paper

I have a huge stack of 12 ” x 12″ scrapbook paper pads and I wanted to find ways to use them. So I came across a tutorial for creating mini book albums and they look really nice that I wanted to share how easy it is. I suggest making those in the double sided paper, but if you have single sided paper, just make sure you decorate each page with more scrapbook paper. It’s a great way to use up your scraps. I didn’t make a video, but I took pictures of every step to make this mini book album.

Step 1:

Get a 12 inch x 12 inch scrapbook paper

Step 2:

Fold the paper in half and crease it with a bone folder.

Step 3:

Fold the folded in half paper in half again.

Step 4:

Open the paper and now you will have creased lines of 4 columns at 3 inch width.

Step 5:

Fold the paper again in half and half again the other side to make creased 3 inch x 3 inch sqaures.  You should have 16.

Step 6:

Unfold your paper to see all the 3 inch by 3 inch creased squares.

Step 7:

Cut a line to the edge of the 3rd square. Don’t cut the top 3×3 area.

Step 8:

  1. Cut the 1st and 3rd lines up to 3 squares.
  2. Now cut the middle line from the opposite direction only 3/4 the way up leaving 3×3 area.

Step 9:

Now you should have an “M” shape ready to be folded.

Step 10:

Fold the paper and make sure you have front cover to be the first paper side in the fold.

Step 11:

Fold along the creases and follow the pattern of the “M”.

Step 12:

Now you have an accordion like mini book that you need to crease more with your bone folder.

Step 13:

Glue down the papers together that only have the image side.

Step 14:

Punch out the sides of each edge in the entire mini boo to have clean edges.

I created another mini book with double sided paper and embellished it with many die cuts, Tim Holtz paper dolls and stickers.